Tuesday 20 September 2016

A plea for charity

Please sponsor me with a donation to OXFAM! Click here for: MY PLEA
The video is shot at the Great Divide's highest point.

My original fundraising target was £1000 which I'm getting close to but will need some more help to get there. If I surpass £1000 let's go for £2000! As you can see, most of your contributions go towards development work, followed by humanitarian work (responding to disasters) and, finally, towards campaigning. Soon I'll be entering Latin America where OXFAM does some of its main work; if I can I will try to visit some of the projects funded and run by the charity.

The day after I shot my plea I caught up with this cyclist, Koen from the Netherlands. He is creating a GPS track as he cycles and, for weeks, my father has been charting his progress and encouraging me to catch up with him. Like me, he is doing a charity ride; he is seeking to raise funds for research into MS. Please take a moment to look at his website: Koen - MS
He is undertaking a formidable challenge for an admirable cause, it would be wonderful if he received some donations from people looking at my blog.

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